January 22nd, 2010


Game Design Update for 2010

As I mentioned last year on the blog, I’ve decided to get back into game development and try to move Galileo Games production schedule up. The good news is that this is proceeding apace. I plan to release at least a PDF product every month this year, with two full print RPG releases as well. How We Came to Live Here will be going up for preorder next week, and I have two other projects deep in development. I expect to see one of these reach fruition by Fall at the latest.


When I was looking at my game design work, it had really languished. After I launched Indie Press Revolution, it rather quickly sucked up all of my time. I’ve got a very lucrative day job and, having a family, I certainly don’t want to jeopardize that. That commitment, along with the family commitments, leaves only a little time for other projects. I needed to get IPR to point where I could employ others to do the daily work in order to free up game design.


That point reached, I had another decision to make. I needed to decide whether I really wanted to have a go at making a game publishing company a real concern. I dithered on this one a while, really. It is a lot of work, but I also derive an inordinate amount of joy from seeing my ideas take form as a real product that people can buy and use. One of my absolute favorite things is to work with artists to bring something that was only in my head into a visual work that other people can actually see. This is my favorite hobby, and one that I don’t want to give up, it turns out.


Once that decision was made, I had to look at Galileo Games and see what was required to get things moving. One of the things I needed to do was determine what work I could do myself, and what I needed to farm out to other people to perform. I’ve figured that out, budgeted out my projects, and now it’s full steam ahead. I plan to discuss how well it all works out next year at this time, and see how feasible it is to keep going.


For now, Excelsior!