April 9th, 2010


[How We Came to Live Here] Our Village

Last week my regular indie game group decided to start a game of How We Came to Live Here. One of our regulars didn’t show, but we had three players and me, enough to do character and village creation so we’ll be ready to start playing right away next session. We decided on a three-session game, each of the three players made hero characters and we did the group village web.

Our village is called River Canyon Village and it is far to the north, at the edge of the People’s lands, among the deep canyons above the Longest River. It is perched in a side canyon, up in a cave mouth halfway up the cliff.

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Everybody was really charged up and excited with our setup and can’t wait to get started. As intended, the village is charged with tension and there are a lot of obstacles lying in the way of our heroes’ ambitions. I’ll report back after the first session!