Brennan Taylor (bar_sinister) wrote,
Brennan Taylor

Mortal Coil Revised

A step closer to reality! I got the final files from my talented layout designer, Jonathan Walton. He's done a great job, the new edition looks much better than the last one. As I mentioned before, we have two new pieces of Jennifer Rodgers great artwork. The book looks hot, and it's nearly twice as thick as the first edition. There's loads of great new material in there. These are getting sent out to the printer now, I should have a proof in about a week. After that, about 3-4 weeks and the book will be released.

A preorder for the new edition, which will include a free PDF version, will be available on IPR very soon.

On a related note, only three entries for the Mortal Coil Actual Play contest so far! Take a look at the Actual Play thread for the game:

As a reminder, the prize is a sweet set of custom Mortal Coil poker chips. You still have time to enter! The contest is open until I have the actual books in hand.

Also, Mortal Coil fans should check out the Facebook page. I'll send out updates from that page once things get hopping.

Tags: galileo games, mortal coil

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